Jan 18, 2009

Wearing Fur is so Out

My Sunday tradition is very ritualistic, I grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks and then pick up a copy of the New York Times to revel in the glory of the Sunday Style section. This week while flipping through the World News section I came across several extremely offensive fur ads from companies like Macys, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. Who even wears fur these days? I mean really with all the fur alternatives out there and the vegan movement that has been stirring among socialites in the city as a “hot trend” why is a reputable newspaper like the New York Times printing out ads that are so socially inappropriate?

Macy’s ad promotes an “After Inventory Fur Sale & Clearance” of 50-65% off female mink short coats, fox jackets and rabbit lined overcoats. Bloomingdale’s ad boasted the headline, “See Yourself In the Fur of Your Dreams” and sale 45-65% on a “beautiful” selection of furs, while Sak’s Fifth Avenue featured 45-65% off mink, sable, sheared beaver and shearling. Ads like these make me furious.

According to the BornFreeUsa.com site, “Every year, more than 50 million animals are violently killed in the name of "fashion." Some fall victim to barbaric traps. Others spend the entirety of their lives in grim conditions in fur farms across the globe before being slaughtered. Another source of fur is Canada's government-sanctioned seal slaughter, in which hundreds of thousands of seals, many just weeks old, are brutally killed. This is the reality that the fur industry wants so desperately to hide from the buying public.”

Sadly fur is alive and well in the fashion industry. Designers like John Paul Gaultier and Giorgio Armani regularly use fur in their collections. A recent article from Fox News quoted designer Karl Lagerfeld as saying, “It is childish to dispute the practice of wearing fur in a world where it is acceptable to eat meat.”

Draw your own conclusion after watching the below video from PETA (People for Ethical Treatments of Animals):


Love, Youa said...

Nice blog! When I was in New York for fashion week, there were so many protesters outside of the tent from PETA and to my surprise, I hardly saw anyone wear fur. It could be that it was September and still warm out but we can always press for more awareness. :)

JessicaLee said...

Fur is gross! Shame on the New York Times.

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