Apr 23, 2010

CovertCandy Changes Clothing Swap Community

If you're looking for a stylish way to Go Green this month look no further than brand new, UK-based community CovertCandy. The site is the best of both worlds, a way to be Eco-friendly by swapping clothes with people from all over the world instead of letting them pile up in land fills and a way to be budget-friendly since you don't have to pay for the clothing you swap.  Let's face it, fashion is a perpetual cycle so the clothes we no longer wear may be just exactly what someone else is looking for. CovertCandy provides a trading platform so you can swap clothes you don't want while earning credit that you can use to buy clothing and accessories from other users. The site is all about helping you locate people with similar tastes and building a network of friends to swap with.   

In addition to being a thriving community for exchanging second-hand clothing and accessories, CovertCandy also sells unique and affordable vintage clothing from Paris. All vintage clothes within the shop are sourced from wholesalers across Paris and are selected for their quality and originality. 

Join the CovertCandy community now and start swapping clothes for free today by clicking here. Or check out the latest CovertCandy news on their blog. This truly is guilt-free, risk-free and environmentally aware shopping just in time for Earth month!


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