Jun 21, 2012

Chinos: A Menswear Classic

Men are less susceptible to fall for the demands of the rotating ‘seasons’ which the fashion world relies on to sell new merchandise at various points throughout the year so it's important that their wardrobes are built around classic pieces that can be styled up or down depending on the season. Simple cotton shirts, loose-cut linen suits, well-made classic t-shirts and crisp dark denim jeans are all great basics to invest in. A pair of quality chino pants is another item every man needs in his wardrobe because they will never go out of style. Chinos were originally worn by women in the French armed forces in the 19th century and grew in popularity as Spanish-American War veterans returned to the USA from the Philippines. Chinos have been a staple in menswear for many years and made an appearance on numerous high profile runway shows for Spring/Summer '12.

Largely famous for the classic beige colorway, the new mens chinos style feature a range of bright colors in reds and blues – something of a compliment to the fluorescent styles featured in the current collections for women. This modern update on the classic chino can still be worn with a stylish, clean approach. The combination of functionality, formality and fun means that men’s chinos will never fall out of grace.

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