Sep 28, 2012

Amazon closes

It's official. As of yesterday, Seattle-based has consolidated it's shoe and accessory business from into Endless was launched back in 2007 as a way for Amazon to test out online retailing in the categories of women's shoes and handbags. The company now plans to focus it's efforts on the Amazon fashion customer experience while still maintaining the other outlets they own including, and flash sale site

To shift traffic over to the company is offering special deals on new fall arrivals including $20 off a purchase of $100 or more and $50 off a purchase of $200 or more. As it turns out, now may be the perfect time to pick up a pair of fall boots.

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Jan Klier said...

Can't say that I find this a positive development. Actually, part of the reason Endless existed was that they struggled to offer a refined shopping experience on the main site, but also to lure more sophisticated brands who worried about looking cheap. Neither one of these problems has really been solved, and the new consolidated fashion category is ho-hum at best. Seems a step backwards to me.

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