Mar 29, 2013

Salt Mine Arium, The Salt Spa of Bellevue celebrates grand opening

The Salt Mine Arium in Belleve just might be one of the Eastside's best kept health and wellness secrets. Tucked away off Bel-Red road, the European style spa is the first in the Northwest to offer halotherapy. A salt therapy treatment traditionally found in central and eastern Europe where salt caves occur naturally and locals visit them to experience holistic healing. If you've never heard of halotherapy, it's probably because there are less than 30 companies in the U.S. that offer it. Two years ago when owners Annett and Mattias, started developing a plan open a halotherapy spa, there were less than five. The Salt Mine Arium hopes to change that by sharing their knowledge of salt therapy with clients and showcasing the many ways it can be a helpful way to support and promote overall health. In the Northwest, common ailments that can be treated by salt therapy include seasonal allergies, eczema (and other skin conditions), asthma, chronic fatigue, stress, depression and more.

The walls and floors of the salt rooms at the Mine Arium are constructed out of real bricks of Himalayan Salt, the purest salt on earth. The Halo Generator is the heart of each spa room working to produce and disperse a fine saline mist which helps open airways, oxygenate the the bloodstream, stimulate micro-circulation, and balance trace minerals and energy throughout the body. It may sound strange, but it works. The owners, both originally from Germany, have worked hard to re-create the elements found in traditional salt caves and have added a few new things to help enhance the guest experience including a careful infusion of color therapy and soothing music. Yoga enthusiasts, naturopathic doctors and even the local athletic community have all discovered the health benefits of halotherapy. There's even a salt box (instead of a traditional sandbox) for children to play in as they receive salt therapy too!

Unlike a traditional spa, at the Salt Mine Arium you experience halotherapy fully clothed while relaxing in a zero gravity chair (designed to help alleviate pressure on your spine) and draped in a warm blanket (if you choose). The calming effect of the lighting, soft music and in-room waterfall help you to gently relax in a soothing micro-climate of negative ions. Sessions start every hour on the hour and last approx. 55 minutes. Up to 8 guests can experience halotherapy at the same time making this a great way to relax and unwind with friends and family.

Curious about salt therapy? Check out the space at one of the many Salt Mine Arium events. There's something for everyone including yoga classes, group meditations, and workshops led by naturopathic doctors. For a limited time only, the Salt Mine Arium is offering new clients a special price of $75 for three, 50 minute halotherapy sessions.

Salt Mine Arium - 1850 130th Ave N.E. Suite # 4 Bellevue, WA 98005 

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