Sep 29, 2009

Must See Fashion Film: The September Issue

Drop whatever it is you’re doing immediately and go see The September Issue featuring Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour. The film by R.J. Culter is both an inspiring and intimate look at what goes on behind the scenes to put together the coveted September Issue at Vogue magazine. The film which premiered last year at The Sundance Film Festival is now open in 12 countries and more than 50 markets. “It’s been an extraordinary and whirlwind experience,” says R.J. Culter. The film even broke the $2 million dollar mark in the U.S. earlier this week. It’s absolutely a must-see film for anyone who loves fashion and wants a never-before-seen look behind the pages of Vogue. The handbags, the shoes and the endless rolling racks filled with designer clothes are enough to make even the most seasoned fashion industry veteran drool.

In the film Anna is both candid and coy. She lets viewers see her daily life both in the office and at home. And although throughout the film she often looks expressionless it’s hard to ignore the fact that in the fashion world she’s practically “the pope” as one of her staff members points out. Everyone knows that if Anna Wintour gets behind something it sells. Even the CEO of Nieman Marcus asks Anna in the film if she can help work with the designers on production and delivery because they simply aren’t doing a good enough job keeping up with the demand for merchandise.

Anna Wintour grew up in London in the 60’s and fell in love with the fashion revolution that was going on in Europe at the time. Her father, Charles Wintour, was a newspaper editor for London’s Evening Standard and persuaded her to pursue a career as the Editor of Vogue.

Grace Coddington, the Creative Director at Vogue also plays a major role in the film. She’s the woman behind all the fashion spreads in the magazine and her background includes 15+ years with British Vogue and another 15+ with American Vogue. Her best advice from the movie? “You can’t stay behind. You have to go charging ahead,” says Grace.

“Fashion is about looking forward,” says Anna Wintour and you can certainly expect to look forward to this fabulous film.


Bellevue Fashion Week

The premier of The September Issue was brought to Bellevue by The Bellevue Collection as part of Bellevue Fashion Week. For more Bellevue Fashion Week information click here.


vuesociety said...

Loved it toO!

JessicaLee said...

This is such a great write-up! I can't wait to see this. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved that movie
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Samantha said...

wow this makes me even more excited to see it!

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