May 22, 2010

Fashion Mags Make Recovery

When the economy headed south many fashion mag readers worried that their favorite magazines would also fall victim to the sour economy due to slow ad revenue, but recovery is now in sight. Magazines including People StyleWatch, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Elle, Lucky, Allure and Vogue are all showing steady signs of financial improvement. In fact, Marie Claire was up 22% in the first half in terms of total number of pages. But just because the outlook is bright doesn't mean companies aren't taking steps to proceed with caution. Harper's Bazaar magazine plans to combine the June and July issues for the first time ever in order to help cut costs.


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cozbi said...

Super interesting topic. I appreciated reading your knowledge on the subject. You do wonder how the true art of fashion is surviving, especially luxury items like fashion magazines. It is nice to see that though their futures look somewhat secure, they too are taking steps to be a bit frugal as well. Definitely makes us all feel more grounded when we see unexpected sources watching their pennies too.

Thanks for this!

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