May 4, 2010

Project Runway Finalist: Lisa Vian Hunter

Congrats to Seattle designer Lisa Vian Hunter who is now officially a Project Runway Season 8 finalist! Lisa recently met with Project Runway's Tim Gunn and Season 7 winner Seth Aaron Henderson and was asked back to meet with the show's casting directors for the final audition, which, if successful, would lead to Seattle's favorite new designer participating as a contestant/cast member for Season 8, which starts filming this summer. Good luck Lisa!


Steven Paul Matsumoto said...

It is stories such as these that serve to strengthen my resolve at rebuilding this incredible industry in the Puget Sound region. With Thaw and Seattle Fashion Week just around the corner we at Stigmare and Emerald City Fashion Week are so proud of the direction fashion is heading in Seattle. The bar has been raised and everyone is rising to the challenge.

Congratulations Lisa Vian Hunter on your accomplishments and bringing the spotlight to Puget Sound fashion once again!

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Wow, Ms. Hunter's dress really is beautiful. When I see most catwalk outfits I roll my eyes. I mean, who would wear 99% of them in real life? But here we have a beautiful dress (that women would wear to nice functions) on a beautiful model (who doesn't look so skinny that you wonder what disease is consuming her body). Good job Ms. Hunter!

- David

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Wild Salesman said...

WOW! That dress really is beautiful! Youre gonna look gorgeous!

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