Jan 30, 2012

Seattle's Crowning Glory: Mane Blow Dry Bar

Earlier this month Mane Blow Dry Bar sauntered in to take it's place among the top players in Seattle's growing blow dry bar market. Located Downtown in the Grand Hyatt, Mane is on a mission to give guests the great hair day they've been dreaming about while providing a fun and relaxing experience that rivals big city blow dry bars in New York and L.A.
The experience starts with a few moments to unwind in the lounge while sipping on a complimentary beverage and leafing through fashion magazines. Guests can choose sparkling water, hot tea, or even a signature Mane Mocktail: Fever-Tree on the rocks with a squirt of lime. (It tastes just like Gin & Tonic!) After being summoned to the shampoo bar the stylist wraps my shoulders and neck in a warm towel and uses organic Argon oil to gently massage my scalp while the hair is dry, and then continues for an additional 5 minutes to massage the scalp while the hair is wet. You'll feel completely relaxed as you drift into a state of zen with your feet propped up on the footrest and the stress of the day melting away. Following the massage the stylist will shampoo and condition the hair exclusively using Neuma, a line of organic beauty products. Then it's off to the "mane event"- the blow dry and style session.

Guests can choose from 5 "Mane Looks": the "Au Natural" an everyday style with a little bit of oompf, the "Wave to your Fans" (the most popular), the "Up Down Diva" (a half-up style), the "Straight to the Point" (pin straight including a finish with a flat iron), and the "Va Va Voom" (major curl paired with extreme volume). I opt for the "Au Natural" because I like when stylists work their magic armed with only a blow dryer and a traditional round brush.

The style philosophy at Mane is to achieve volume through a quality blow dry instead of trying to work volume back into the hair with product later. This is the key to getting the maximum number of days possible out of a professional blow out and it's the technique that sets Mane apart from other blow dry bars in the city. "We focus on achieving root lift from the drying process," says Co-Owner Kate Winquist.

Mane blow outs are $35 and in 45 minutes (or less) you'll emerge feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with a fabulous head of hair. Beauty addicts will also want to check out Mane's great menu of add-on's including the MANE touch, a 10-minute scalp massage for $10, the MANE Tame, a deep conditioning treatment for $20, and even the MANE makeover, the glam treatment for lips and eyes for only $20, or the full face for $35.

A great blow dry and style needs to last so we asked MANE co-owner Kate Winquist to share some of her fave tips on extending the life of a great blow dry.

# 1 - Try Neuma's Style Extender- This product is sold at MANE and works to extend style by refreshing hair between washing without leaving product build-up and flakes behind. Mist Neuma's Style Extender on the roots of dry hair, give it a quick blast of heat from your hair dryer and style as usual. The product works to cleanse the scalp and soak up oil at the roots to give users an additional 1-2 days of wear without the need for a wash.

# 2- Use a Silk Scarf at Night- Wrap hair in a silk scarf before you go to sleep. Silk diminishes the scalp's natural production of oils and can extend a blowout an extra day or two.

#3- Make sure to Clean your Brush- Extending the life of your blow out at home can sometimes be as simple as cleaning your usual brush to avoid adding extra oil and product into the hair.

#4- Pack an Umbrella- "I'm surprised by how few women in Seattle use an umbrella," says Kate, "If it's raining outside, hair needs to be protected or the rain will wash away any beautiful blowout." No umbrella? No problem. Mane also sells retro-rain hats for just such an occasion.

# 5- Wear a Shower Cap- Speaking of ruining a great blow dry with water. Your morning shower can be your blow out's worst enemy if you don't protect your hair from getting wet. Wrap your hair in a loose bun on top of your head and cover with a shower cap before getting in to avoid a frizzy style meltdown.

717 Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98101
On Twitter @ManeBlowDryBar


-Seattle Savvy Insider- said...

Ps. MANE is offering Early Bird hours for those who need to look fab for the boardroom, an interview, or parent-teacher conference. Starting Monday, February 6th), MANE be open weekdays by appointment only from 8am to 10am in addition to still maintaining their regular hours Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

Linnie said...

I'm enlightened by this concept -- will be looking for something similar in the Raleigh area. Thanks for the blow out tips as well! Any suggestions about how to find a good hairstylist in a new city?

-Seattle Savvy Insider- said...

Sad to say, but this business is now closed. :( Lasted for less than a year.

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