Jul 23, 2009

I love my London Newspapers!


Oh how I love a good newspaper. Back in the states I normally only buy the Thursday edition of the New York Times (for the style section of course!), but here in London I’ve been taking advantage of all the free newspapers down in the tube like the London Lite and the London Evening standard!

You can learn quite a few things from these papers, for example:

Diesel has just invented a new type of denim made from paper. The water-resistent lightweight fabric poses as denim but feels like silk. Each of the Cotton Paper Denim jeans comes with it’s own storage bag! $180 pounds.

• This year’s London Fashion Week marks the 25th Anniversary and is set to be the biggest yet with more than 50 catwalk shows over six days and 20 presentations in which designers explore unusal ways of showing spring/summer 2010 collections.

• Sir Philip Green, retail tycoon, has held detailed planning talks to open his Topshop fashion chain in China after seeing it’s successful opening in New York last year.

London’s newspapers are a great way to pass the time while riding the tube or occupying your time while grabbing a cup of coffee at one of the sidewalk cafes.

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