Jul 5, 2009

Summer Must Have: Jennifer Shon Jewelry

Jewelry designer Jennifer Shon started making jewelry as a hobby after visiting a local bead store in LA. Little did she know that her hobby would morph into a full blown jewelry line or that women would be buying her necklaces right off her own neck! In 2007 she launched her own line and created her online store jennifershon.com in 2008. Jennifer’s designs are simple, elegant and affordable.

The wishbone necklace (below) was designed by Jennifer after being inspired while eating a Thanksgiving dinner. “I love wishbones.” says Jennifer, “Make a wish when you put on this necklace and it just might come true!”

This delicate turquoise necklace (below) looks great on everyone. This piece will look fabulous paired with a summer dress or with dark denim in the fall. And, according to Jennifer this exotic stone will “protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune".

The Circle Eternity necklace is one of hottest selling items on Jennifer Shon Jewelry’s online store. This necklace is a true example of what she hopes to offer all her clients, classic affordable fashion. With a 16” chain and gold-filled sterling silver circle of eternity, this pendant this can be worn day or night.

Jennifer's jewelry will be a great addition to any wardrobe or as a nice gift for a friend. All materials are 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Get 20% off Jennifer Shon Jewelry now by using coupon code “Summer2009” at www.jennifershon.com PLUS free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

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