Jul 25, 2009

London: It's All About Shoes

My favorite London purchase was my Kurt Geiger shoes from Harrods of course! They are a champagne pink color with bows at the toes, a platform heel and adorable ruffle details at the heel! I heart them.

Kurt Geiger is known as one of Europe's leading luxury footwear retailers and his products are a favorite of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Grazia, Elle and Glamour. In 2002, Kurt Geiger built a solid partnership with British Vogue becoming the exclusive sponsor of the magazine's first 'Ultimate Shoe Guide’, which was so successful it continued for four consecutive years. The success of the 'Ultimate Shoe Guide' led to the launch of the men's equivalent, the 'GQ Shoe Guide' in 2005. In 2006, Kurt Geiger and Vogue further fortified their relationship with Kurt Geiger's exclusive sponsorship of the 'Vogue Catwalk Guide'.

In early July Kurt Geiger put together an art installation at Dover Street's Air Gallery which showcased “The Stiletto” and featured six shoes styles in five fabrics and over 100 colors.

Needless to say, when it comes to shoes you can’t go wrong with a pair from Kurt Geiger. Shop online now by clicking here. And don’t forget to check out the sale section!


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