Jul 25, 2009

Seattle Fashion Directory: Handbags

Navigating the Seattle fashion scene is easy when you know where to shop. Here's the inside scoop on Seattle's handbag designers and boutiques.

Rocco E Dante
Designer Tara Sauvage created Rocco E Dante, a line of stylish handbags as a tribute to her love of design, luxury and global travel. The collection features modern and vintage inspired silhouettes in Italian finished leathers in bold hues. The Rocco e Dante girl is looking for that one fabulous handbag each season to complete her look or one must-have accessory that will last her the whole year and into the next.

Sabrina Love
Former fashion stylist and costume designer, Sabrina Love has always been passionate about handbags. While spending two years in Europe she developed an appreciation for supple Italian leathers and simple, timeless designs all the while acquiring experience and resources for production of her own line. Sabrina Love’s line of handbags is stylish, functional and edgy made from the highest quality of Italian Lamb leather and luxurious imported hardware.

Anne Sylvain
Anne Sylvain’s handmade exotic skin and fine leather accessories are sleekly shaped yet cut with a modern edge. The entire line is made in the USA using a variety of ethically sourced materials. Designed for a sophisticated, independent woman who creates her own style and appreciates the refined details found in true luxury, Anne Sylvain uses the world’s finest leathers and sumptuous exotic skins.

Muratori Handbags
Luxury...with the world in mind sums up the Muratori mission of producing high quality designer handbags that are both beautiful and environmentally conscious. When Julie Berard and husband Todd launched Muratori they wanted to do more than just design beautiful handbags. Their dream was to produce luxurious high fashion handbags that were sensitive to the environment. By design they wanted to satisfy today's customer who wants it all - style, environmental sensitivity and ethical business practices. 

Bag, Borrow or Steal
When Jennifer Hudson wowed Sarah Jessica Parker with her patchwork Louis Vuitton rental in the first Sex & The City movie, Bag Borrow or Steal became a household name. Located in Seattle, the designer handbag, accessory and jewelry rental site brings luxury fashion to the masses. 100% of the items on the site are verified for authenticity and the site regularly stocks on-trend pieces from designers like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch. Bag Borrow or Steal offers free standard shipping and includes damage insurance in the price of each rental.


Darrah said...

I saw Clutch the other day, and wanted to go in! But I was on my way to the Nordstrom Designer Preview.

scott grin said...

I love the handbags Designer Bags

Elizabeth Jeffer said...

Nice collection., Check out another collection too. modern luxury handbags

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