Feb 23, 2010

CBS Plans Fashion Night Out Documentary

CBS will soon begin filming an hour-long documentary about the next Fashion’s Night Out which will take place in September of 2010. Footage will include a look behind-the-scenes at the preparations and the logistics that go into planning the event, plus coverage of the event itself once in September. The program will air on CBS on Wednesday, Sept. 15th, at 8 p.m. Set your TIVO now!

Fashion’s Night Out was launched by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Vogue and NYC & Co. to help stimulate retail and the fashion industry during the recession.

“When discussions began, it became clear that Fashion’s Night Out really was this fascinating event. While the country was bailing out everybody on Wall Street, nobody was really looking at fashion, retail and design, which constitutes a huge portion of the population,” CBS producer Susan Zirinksy told Women’s Wear Daily, “To be able to increase the visibility of an event like this on a national level is tremendous, because even though it already launched globally, I feel this will give people ideas for their own cities.” (Mike McGinn, are you listening?)

According to a Fashion’s Night Out statement, the program will look “beyond the glamour to the real-life implications at stake” by focusing “on the individuals working in all parts of the industry, from salespeople to design staff, for whom the vibrancy of the fashion business is a question of economic survival.”

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