Feb 28, 2010

Get Your (Fashion) Game On

I like playing games just as much as the next fashion addict and now I finally have a few games that speak to my fashion senses and competitive ways. Here are 2 of my favorites!

Clue Juicy Couture - You've been summonded by her Majesty Juicy Couture for an exclusive Fashion show "preview" of the new spring line only to arrive and find that an essential part of the new Juicy Line is missing! Is it an act of sabotage? You must discover WHAT couture item in the line was stolen, WHO took it, and WHERE the item is hidden before the fashion show begins the next day! Do you have the sweet smarts to solve the crime of couture and save the show? 

Sephora Monopoly - If you love cosmetics then check out the Sephora edition of Monopoly. You'll go to jail for back hair days, advance to win shopping sprees and pay for products with Beauty Bucks. Love. 


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