Jul 6, 2010

Fabbys are Fabulous for Feet

You may have heard about Rollasole from the UK, a company that sells rollable ballet flats via chic vending machines outside London nightclubs. Now check out Fabbys, a Seattle-based start-up company that sells rollable ballet flats that come in a bag small enough to fit into a clutch. Who couldn't use a pair of these fabulous and extremely portable shoes? I can think of a million reasons why these shoes need to be part of your footwear wardrobe, but in the essence of time, I'll share my top 5.

#1- Fabbys make you a safer driver. Trust me on this one. I drive a stick shift and 5 inch heels definitely pose a safety hazard on the road. So why not switch over to a pair of adorable Fabbys for the commute and keep yourself (and others) out of harms way?

#2- Commuting is easier in flats. I know there are die-hard fashion fans out there who are like "Really? Suck it up already for the sake of fashion." But let's be honest. When you're walking to and from work or making a mad dash for a last minute coffee run, Fabby's make life a little bit easier. (And hello! It's not like you're putting on a pair of cross trainers. We do have standards to uphold.)

#3- Fabbys are a post-workout fashion "Do". After a long workout at the gym Fabbys are great to slip on for the ride home. No one wants to stick around in sweaty gym socks and running shoes- and thanks to Fabbys, you don't have to.

#4- There's a pair of Fabbys to match any outfit. No matter if you're dressed up or down you can always find a pair of Fabbys to match your outfit. The debut collection comes in 3 classic colors: "Be Jealous" black, "Glamazon" gold and "Shameless" silver.

#5- Fabbys are perfect for travel. Making a run for it to catch a connecting flight is so much easier when you have a spare pair of Fabbys in your carry-on bag. They're stylish and designed so that you can quickly roll them up and stash them in your handbag without taking up a lot of room. That means: more room for your make-up bag! Hooray!

Fabby's might just be the most sensible (and stylish) thing you own! Priced at $19.95, you can afford to buy a pair for yourself and one for a friend! And to sweeten the deal, Fabbys is currently offering FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2 or more pairs.

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Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Does Fabbys have a store or are they being sold somewhere in Seattle? I am going there at the end of the month and these seem like an answer to my prayers.

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