Jul 15, 2010

Introducing: Dandelion Earth-Friendly Tote Bags

Going green is now more fashionable than ever with the perfect roomy, chic and portable bag that is so versatile to take just about anywhere. Look no further with Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods’ new collection of organic cotton canvas tote bags that are made entirely of organic cotton and use no pesticides or chemicals in the growing cycle.

Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods has pushed aside those days when organic was thought of as being simple and mundane and has created organic chic. The organic cotton canvas bag will carry all your essentials wherever you may go. With six different inspirational green phrases and designs, it becomes impossible to only have one. Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods is committed to using eco-friendly materials, dyeing processes and packaging throughout their products. Dandelion’s new tote bags are made from organic canvas, with organic cotton shoulder straps. The shoulder straps and printed designs use low low-impact, fiber reactive dyes which require less water, less electricity and use fewer chemicals in the dyeing process.

Dandelion’s Earth Friendly Goods organic cotton canvas bags are available at gift specialty and natural product retailers nationwide. Please visit www.dandeliontotes.com for more info.


Anonymous said...

these bags look great!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work

ToBeInStyle said...

Loved your post. These are awesome bags. I will definitely check them out and if I buy one I will let you know how it was. Thanks

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