Aug 10, 2012

FGI to Host PLM Event with SCK Associates

As the fashion industry struggles to adjust to the speed of consumer-driven fast fashion, companies in all industries are rapidly working to keep up with the swift pace of business today. Global partners, overseas offices and international expansion mean that companies need to find new ways of managing their current business and seek additional ways to facilitate growth. Many companies are looking “to the cloud” trying to harness the power of the Internet to help manage their daily operations and SCK Associates is working with clients to make sure that the transition is as seamless as possible. Their web-based software solution, Chameleon PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), allows companies to efficiently manage their products from conception to production. Their software-as-a-service solution helps manage workflow and provide visibility throughout the development and production process by allowing companies to share sourcing and production data with partners both internally and externally, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud hosted software gives firms the flexibility to securely access work data from anywhere in the world and helps promote collaboration with vendors and suppliers. Additional benefits for companies using Chameleon PLM software via the cloud include: no server hardware or costly IT infrastructure investment. All you need is a commercial web browser and an Internet connection. “Using live information, global teams make better decisions and achieve greater success with sourcing programs, new product development, multi-team programs, and construction and product specification projects.” says Chameleon PLM co-founder Chris Karam. The cost of the Chameleon PLM system is another big drawn for companies because it’s a fraction of what you would pay for similar systems elsewhere. SCK Associates customizes their user-friendly software to fit the needs of each individual business and works with every department that will be using the application to ensure that all needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

Chris and Souheil Karam of SCK Associates will be introducing local businesses to their Chameleon PLM software on Thursday, August 29th at the offices of 24 Seven in Seattle. Sponsored by Fashion Group International, the evening will include an overview of PLM and discussion on how it can help companies of any size save time and money. Tickets are available for $10-20 at Brown Paper


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