Aug 14, 2012

London: Day One in Pictures

Really cool geometric shaped trays displayed here as a vanity set. This would be really cool displayed as a centerpiece on a coffee table. 

We see signs for pop-shops all over the city. There's something about the urgency that makes you want to shop. 

Here's another one. This one gets extra points for the cool chalk board sign. 

I could spend hours on Notting Hill looking through old trinkets, jewelry, books and tea sets. 

Spotted: Lots of Banksy street art and prints. 

Yum! Crepes on the street = Best Street Food Ever!

Colorful textiles spotted on Notting Hill. 

My son Liam had to get carried around Notting Hill. This is what jetlag will do to a toddler. :) 

We always make a point to stay near Hyde Park. It's the British equivalent of Central Park and always so much fun to escape the city and walk around. 

So excited to be back in one of my favorite cities! Tomorrow we hit Oxford Street!


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