Aug 20, 2012

Paris: Day Two in Pictures

This picture doesn't even begin to do the Eifel Tower justice. It was aboslutely amazing to see in person and much bigger than I had imagined. At night it literally sparkles for 5 minutes every hour on the hour. It took my breath away. 

The clock tower at the Gare de Lyon transit station. 

View from the bridge in Paris overlooking the canal. 

White sandy pathways are beautiful for looking at but terrible for walking around in sandals. Halfway through the walk I looked down at my feet and realized that my pedicure was looking a bit sad. 

This mini grocery store in Paris had digital price displays. Such a great idea!

This was our stop for the Paris underground. 

Beautiful botanical garden in Paris. Plenty of ice cream stands, manicured walking paths and places to just sit and take everything in. 

Love the beautiful buildings in Paris. I would love a balcony off my bedroom someday.

It was nearly 100 degrees when we were in Paris. My make-up melted off within an hour or so. I finally gave up and decided to sun myself in the park. 


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