Mar 10, 2010

DELI announces: The Butcher Shop

Staying within the delicatessen theme, Seattle menswear boutique DELI recently collaborated with California-based brand BETA Unit to produce "The Butcher Shop", a contemporary take on the back kitchen/food prep area which will carry exclusive styles from the two brands. The collaboration even includes a short film.

Beta Unit is an independent clothing label focused on wearability, unconventional functionality, and engineering the perfect fit. Garments are carefully constructed from high quality fabrics, often with unexpected details and experimental function. Inspiration is drawn from the unintentional art caused by imperfections and limitations within technology as seen in primitive computer graphics, ancient photography, broken fax machines, malfunctioning code, etc...As the name suggests, Beta Unit prefers and aims to produce the raw, unrendered art form in their designs. Beta Unit is sold at a variety of retailers including Karmaloop, Oak NYC, Revolve, and Nubian in Tokyo, Japan.

The Butcher Shop will debut on Friday, March 12th and run through May 30th. DELI is hosting a grand opening party for The Butcher Shop Pop-Shop this Friday, March 12th from 7-11pm.


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