Mar 12, 2010

Muratori Launches Eco-Friendly Luxury Handbag Line

Luxury...with the world in mind sums up the Muratori mission of producing high quality designer handbags that are both beautiful and environmentally conscious. When Julie Berard decided she wanted to launch a handbag collection she knew exactly what she wanted: something that could be luxurious and also environmentally friendly. “We are so thrilled to present our new collection,” said Berard. “My dream was to share my love of fashion, while preserving nature. I was eager to find a way to combine these two ideas and am confident that with a Muratori bag, one will feel a sense of ultimate luxury and style without having to sacrifice the environment.”

The line made it's debut in January of 2010 and has even been picked up by David Lawrence at The Bravern. The collection is made in Italy using only the finest material including chrome-free leathers, custom-made hardware, and a strong Italian tradition carried out by master craftsman to create remarkably unique bags. The attention to detail is evident, the shapes of the bags are distinctive yet timeless and each has an element of surprise. Muratori is truly Luxury with the World in Mind™.



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