Mar 22, 2010

My Random Obsession: Shticks

I love little hand held signs that say what's on your mind when you are too tired, lazy or annoyed to speak the truth. At work I have one that says "FAIL" on one side and "That's What She Said" on the other.  Those two phrases come in handy more often than one might think. My co-workers and I use these signs all day when the moment is right and it provides hours of entertainment to say the least. That's why when a special someone gave me a set of Shticks for work I was instantly obsessed with abusing them. With phrases like "I quit", "This Sucks", "Wrap it Up", "You're Fired" and "Get to Work" there's a sign for every occasion. 

Lol. The warning on the box says "Shticks are a fun way to communicate only when conditions and situations permit. (I beg to differ because I think these signs are ALWAYS appropriate). The warning goes on to say: Do not use while operating a motor vehicle.

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