Mar 18, 2010

Runners: Rent your Adidas in Tokyo

Adidas opened a new concept store in Toyko last month called Adidas Runbase. The store will stock Adidas clothing and shoes for running and serve as a home base for runners all over the city. Customers will literally be able to find everything they need to go for a run including running clothes and shoes for rent, plus showers and locker rooms to clean up afterwards. Business hours will be from 7am-10pm making it ideal for customers to stop by before or after work to rent equipment for a quick jog. According to Women's Wear Daily, staff at the store will be able to help customers design their own pair of customized performance running shoes, which are tailored to the exact size and shape of each individual foot. Specialists also will hold running-themed workshops, clinics and events at least once a week.

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