Feb 1, 2012

Beauty Notes: Bellevue Welcomes Noir Lash Lounge

Noir Lash Lounge has officially opened it's doors in Bellevue and as a beauty addict here in Seattle I can tell you- it's going to be a game changer. Specializing in eyelash extensions, Noir Lash Lounge offers guests full sets of lashes for $75, fills for $35 and additional services like strip lashes for a night on the town, Mink lashes for a little bit of glam, or Lash Dip, a semi-permanent mascara. The Bellevue lounge is Noir's 5th location and because of the high volume of lashes they go through on a weekly basis the company has worked with manufacturers to develop a special Noir Lash Lounge line of eyelash extensions, glue and oil-free makeup remover. This also allows the company greater flexibility to offer varying sizes and lengths of lashes that may not be available at other eyelash extensions bars. With a wider range of styles stylists have the ability to customize a signature look for each guest based on eye shape, lash fullness and style preference. "We want to make beautiful eyelash extensions accessible for everyone," says owner Joyce Poon in reference to Noir's pricing. Noir Lash Lounge may only be charging a fraction of what competitors in the area are charging for lash services but one thing Joyce & her team of stylists don't skimp on is quality. "We know that guests won't be back if they aren't happy with the experience," says Joyce, "and because we embrace a no-advertising policy we strive to impress our clients every time so that they'll keep coming back and recommend us to their friends."

The eyelash extension experience starts with a consult and recommendations from the stylist on lash type. All Noir Lash Lounge stylists go through hours of training to ensure their understanding of how to analyze the shape of the eye and create a custom look by combining various lengths and sizes of lashes. Guests receive a mini eye treatment via gel pads infused with Aloe and Vitamin E placed under the eyes to keep lower lashes from interfering with the lash application. The lash application process takes about an hour and half and includes a clear sealant top coat to enhance shine and help protect the lashes. A relaxing forehead massage completes the experience and guests are sent home with a tip sheet on how to care for their new lashes.

Noir Lash Lounge also sells a variety of retail products including Geisha Ink Eyeliner, a 24-hour, smudge proof liquid liner made in Japan, "Faux on the Go" kits that include Noir Lash Lounge strip lashes, glue and mini tweezers for application, Oil-Free eye makeup remover (a must-have for eyelash extension wearers), Bel Fiore hair ties, and Eye Curl, a heated eyelash curler which works wonders on hard-t0-curl lashes.

Once you fall in love with your new eyelash extensions you'll be searching for ways to make them last. Check out these fab tips from Noir Lash Lounge Owner Joyce Poon on how to care for eyelash extensions and make your look last. (My favorite is number 3!)

1. Less is best! The constant application and removal of eye makeup can be a strain on your gorgeous new lashes. Wearing less with lashes not only gives you that au natural fresh face, but keeps your lashes fresher longer. Can’t go without a little extra something? Try a new shade of lipstick or skin shimmer- your eyes don’t have to be your only fab feature!

2. Stop rubbing your eyes. Not only is the motion hard on your lashes, but think about the delicate skin surrounding your eye! If you’re stressing about fine lines, remembering not to rub your lashes will aid in your anti-aging battle and keep your lashes pretty longer.

3. Goggles. No, we’re not kidding. Straight from the mouths of our clients! That waterfall shower may be oh-so-heavenly on your achy muscles, but it’s not so nice on your lush lashes. Try replacing that icky rubber band on swim goggles with a soft stretchy terry cloth, then voila! Comfy and practical protection! Totally makes washing your hair worry free.

4. Sleep on your back! Face sleepers tend to have more issues with “tangling” and losing lashes, smooshing your pillow in your face stresses the lashes making them fall out faster. We can totally tell when you’ve been sleeping on your side, too. No we’re not psychic, your lashes tell us which side you’ve been sleeping on as you’re more likely to lose lashes on that side. The added bonus? Sleeping on your back prevents wrinkles as opposed to sleeping on your face.

5. Keep your lashes tidy. If you keep your lashes tidy this is will keep you from fussing with them throughout the day. Fussing with your lashes leads to a shorter lash life- remember rule number one: less is best! Detangle your lashes with tweezers after your shower to keep them in the best shape. The steam “softens” the lashes making them ultra easy to comb through. Using tweezers gives you control in fixing the placement of the lashes without the risk of snagging the lashes and pulling them out (ouch!). Once you leave the steamy room, the lashes will set in place looking picture perfect.

Noir Lash Lounge
225 Bellevue Way N.E.
Bellevue, WA 98004
Open 7 Days a Week!

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